Jacada Web: your website is your identity

Jacada in Newry are specialists in brand identity and online presentation.  By listening to you and learning what you're about, we think like your customers and work on identifying what's important to them, so your message is conveyed in a professional tone to stimulate engagement and generate more business for you. 

Understanding your company and where it needs to be helps us understand your customers and how to reach them. It's through such knowledge that we can deliver with accuracy and precision your corporate message in the language your customers relate to.

We already work with internationally recognised European brands with a global reach in the luxury sector, providing high quality content and helping them advance their online profile, and refining how they connect with their audience. It's a demanding sector yet one in which we have made our own mark, and we can do the same for your company.

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Jacada Brand: The Art of Perception

Jacada understands the power of your brand image and how it can be used to reach out to connect with your target audience in a language and visual style they relate to.

A tired old website or logo can create a perception of complacency or neglect - whether accurate or not - and of course that impression can last a lifetime. We take your brand image very seriously, and through working with you we will make sure that your message reads precisely as it is intended to.

If your company needs to update its public image, if your product or project needs an advertising strapline or catchphrase, if your website lacks that vitality which truly reflects what's going on in your company, then get in touch with us and let's get that makeover started.

Jacada PR: Talking your language

It's not only visuals and web design you'll find us working on: at Jacada a large part of our work is based on providing high quality written content to clients at home and in Europe, where we have been collaborating with several luxury brands with their pr and website content for several years. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your brief, our pr services include press releases, point of sale, brochure and media content, as well as in depth white paper content.

Search engines & SEO

Using the Squarespace platform, Jacada websites are loved by search engines. Device-friendly they are fully adaptive to screen format and responsive to landscape or portrait orientation. All of our websites include clean page links, proper tagging, XML sitemaps, and valid XHTML code, meaning your website is as advanced technically as it is visually stunning.

Identifying and applying the terms your customers are searching for in the text content ensures high quality SEO, and with further in-depth SEO services and campaign planning available, your Jacada website will level the playing field, so you can compete with much larger competitors when customers search for your products or services.